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injured on playgrounds annually"
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One in every three playground injuries may result
from improper or lack of maintenance.

Low frequency playgrounds inspections
Usually performed seasonally, comprehensive evaluation of playground
specifications and details

Factors that affect inspection frequency:
•        Use factors:
-Extent of playground use.
-Ages of children using the playground.
-Vandalism patterns
•        Developmental factors:
-Type of surfacing material
-Materials used to manufacture equipment
-Age and type of equipment.
•        Environmental Factors:
-Soil/ drainage conditions
-Climatic/ atmospheric conditions

Low frequency inspections:
•        Use site plans and structure detail
•        Preventative maintenance is done at the same time
•        Produce work orders for remedial maintenance.
•        Plan of action for replacing or retrofitting badly damaged or
seriously non-compliant equipment.

High frequency inspections
Most often performed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis:
•        Tailored to specific needs of site being inspected
•        Routine maintenance is performed at this time
-All moving equipment checked for excessive wear and parts are replaced
as a     preventative measure
-Damaged equipment is identified and retrofitted or replaced per
manufacturer’s specifications.
-Any vandalism the site may have maintained is addressed and corrected
•        Custodial upkeep of facility is done in a safe, sanitary, and
attractive manner
-Removal of debris from surfacing material
-Maintenance of surfacing material i.e. maintaining adequate depth in use
-Cleansing and disinfection of al equipment surfaces with hot water
pressure washing with safe non-toxic disinfectant and polishing of slide
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